Curing Methods Of Plants

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The tall plant with branches and a large and heavy trunk is known as a tree. The tree is almost about 5,000 years old. The main parts of a tree involve roots, trunk, leaves, and branches.

When the trees become the oldest and may cause danger to anyone’s life they are cut down by using different methods. So there are some of the methods given through which we can remove the rotten part of the tree.



Tree pruning is one of the methods that are used to remove some specific parts of the plants.  In tree pruning, we remove the parts like rotten branches leaves or buds, etc.

Tree pruning is done to remove the affected parts of the plant either it leaves branches, bud or if is damaged from its roots. When the plant is not able to produce fruit itself then tree pruning can be done. The best time for tree pruning is before the spring so that in the spring season the plant can easily produce the fruit and flower.

There is some natural disaster like ice, snow or storms cause the tree self-pruning. The tree pruning is done on roses, fruit trees, etc.


The tree removal in belrose method is useful if the tree is damaged badly. Sometimes tree removal services are provided so that the land remains to save from more damage. In this tree removal method, one dig to the root of the plant cuts the root and removes it from the land. Sometimes the tree stump is very large and difficult to remove by using a shovel this there is a need for another method. The cost of tree removal also varies as the size or length of a tree varies. Some of the trees cost about $200 to $1200. If the tree is small then the price of tree removal is from $200 to $400 or to $700.  But the tree is large then their cost can be lead from $1000 to $1200.


Not only is the tree removal the only chance to get rid of any disease. But many tree services in northern beaches sydney help the owner to get rid of the disease without the tree removal completely.

Tree services are provided to different people so that they can take care of their tree and perform certain steps to maintain the beauty of the plant. 

Tree services involve

  • Watering the plant
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree removal if necessary
  • Placing the tree in the right place.

A tree stump is the remaining parts of the trunk that are left where their tree is cut down. The tree stump is left over from their specified place. The age of a tree is defined from the tree stump. The thicker the tree stump the more age of the tree. Most of the trees are removed from a tree stump.